Thursday, September 23, 2010

Second guest speaker, Dana Sperry

The second guest speaker came into my digital photography class yesterday. His name is Dana Sperry His presentation was pretty good. He gave a lot of good advice about looking for art galleries and shows to get your work in. He was very helpful and also spoke one on one with everyone in the class. I now have two ideas I am thinking about doing for my final project. I plan to do both of them though so I will have to see how the beginnings of each one starts and work from there. Soon I will be doing a write up of my plans.

I am currently looking into applying for art galleries. I have to apply to two as part of my class but I want to apply for more. I am running into the problems of finding galleries because Youngstown does not have a large art scene, and work to submit. I feel I have some good work mixed with a lot of learning experiences but I am not sure I have a collection of images that mesh together well. My final project would be great and I plan to use it later on but I need to submit soon. Time to look through images quickly and see if I have the basis of a collection to enhance.

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