Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Shots from Campus

I had some free time between classes and decided to shoot some shots of a nice area of campus. 

I tried using the light to give a nice frame effect on the right side of the image which I think worked well. It sort of frames it but it is also a focus. The background just feels sort of bland to me though. I think a small depth of field would have worked much better.

I love the shadow on this image. It crosses the plant nicely but the plant it still vibrant. The texture of the building gives some nice lines that the plant mimics. I think it works nicely being slightly of center. I also shot one center but I think centering the focus on really works when the image is mostly symmetrical
I really like the texture of the bench in this image. The lines lead nicely across the image but I think the left side feels a little empty. Something there might improve the image but it also might set the balance off.

I like the color in this image. I think the purple works very well with the green and blue background. A bokeh effect might make it even better though. A stronger purple could also improve the image.

I actually edited this image a significant amount. The colors were lightened considerably and I remove a light pole and telephone wire that crossed the image. I feel I did a decent job without to many artifacts or noise showing up.

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