Friday, July 2, 2010

Extra Black and White Photos from class.

Through out the six week semester I often took photos that had nothing to do with the assignment. I grouped those photos that I liked into this post because they did not fit into the other posts. Sometimes I just take pictures because I think it will work, or I hope it will work.

This image is from the Wick Pollock Inn. It was bottles of what appeared to be olive oil or possibly some other oil. I like the lighting on this image. It highlights the plant inside the bottle very well and captures your attention. It might need to be darkened a little bit though.

This image is of a toy train. I really like the depth of field and the black and white gives a good tonal range to the train. It sort of appears creepy. The lighting worked well to just add a soft glow because I had very little direct light on it

I shot this image while walking through Boardman Park. It was a fire hydrant just off the side of the hike and bike trail. I shot it nearing sunset creating the strong lighting on the left side. It was amazing in color because it had a golden glow to it but I was shooting B&W film. A sepia tone added to this image might be able to recreate the color and the emotion of the shoot. The image also has pretty good balance.

These images are of a rose bush outside my house. I feel the left image has a stronger composition with a good balance but I really like the angle of flower in the right image. Spot toning the flower could make these images stand out really well. I think the right image needed a shallower depth of field because the background has to much clutter.

This image of my guitar I feel is strong from a compositional stand point. The lines lead you through the image and the background has no clutter to pull you away from the guitar. The problem though is the image needs lightened a little bit and the right side needs cropped to remove the back of the chair it is sitting on. A sepia tone would greatly improve this image.

I photograph to see what something will look like photographed. - Garry Winogrand 

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