Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Creative Portrait Assignment 4

The fourth assignment for my Creative Portrait class was self-portraits. I wanted to focus on exposing a different side of myself that I don't show people. I have always been the type of person who does not talk about how I am feeling even with my friends. I don't like to draw attention to myself and would rather just escape notice. I wanted to show more of how I feel that I wouldn't show any other way.

This image was created for two reasons. The first reason is I thought it would be interesting with the flour similar to some of the work that Rankin has done. The other is because I keep so much bottled up that sometimes I need to let it out. The bad thing with this image is that I am actually punching the door with flour in my hand. It took about 30 shots till I got one I really liked and my hand was red and hurt a lot by the time I finished.

This image also had two reasons for being created. One is just because of the revealing nature of the image. The other reason is that whenever I am stressed out I retreat to my refuge which is the shower. I can let hot water beat down on me and relax. It is also a remnant from living with my family in that it gave me time to just be alone. I could shower and think and just feel better. This image was the one I chose to blow up to 17x22 for the assignment because I felt it was the one that was the most revealing.

I think sometimes everyone wants to just scream or cry. This image is just the feeling of wanting to put your head in your hands and cry. 

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