Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Second Portraiture Assignment

The second portrait assignment was portraits of family that conveyed a feeling of quiet. Since my family lives out of town I decided to photograph myself in places around my house that made me think of family. I wanted to convey a sense of emptiness. Not just for missing my family but looking forward to the family I hope to have someday.

This is a photograph of my living room. A living room is where a family gathers to me so I wanted to show the empty seats.
 The second place was at the table. Family dinners are a big part of family in my mind.
The last image is of my refrigerator. Images of kids and drawings by children are what belongs on the fridge to me. I do have one drawing by my friends daughter that she gave me as a gift and my friends and their daughter have been like family to me so I wanted to tie that in to the series. 

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