Thursday, November 4, 2010

Final Project

It has been a while since I have posted. School is crazy and I have had no time for photography. I have been working toward my final project which I do no believe I have actually explained.

I am attempting to photograph the dark side of bullying in regards to suicide and the positive side of prevention. I am doing a series of diptychs. One side is positive and the other is negative. These are my first attempts.

I have been messing around a lot with the setting and editing of the images. The first two are different versions of the negative. I like both of them and I am still working on deciding which setting to use.

 These images are designed to be positive. I tried using bright colors to make them more appealing but It just went way over the top in the right image. My classmates suggested that I need to have more interaction with the main subject. I have the emotions somewhat there for the background people but they need to try harder. The main thing is changing the main person to be responding. It needs to show how it is working. I had originally wanted to have the main person the same but I think it does not work well like that. It was a very helpful suggestion and I will be changing that.

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